DJ Sun Meng first fell in love with underground hip-hop and electronic music that thrived in the Beijing clubbing scene and has since grown further to love mixing techno beats to house hits. In 2012 she went to Switzerland and Germany to study dj and got deeply influenced by western party culture. Her style of pumping, never says quit style of music is now hugely popular in Beijing and starting to go nationwide.

She’s the first of a new breed of DJ – the fashionista DJ – rocking the hottest tunes with her Supergirl looks. Be stylish doesn’t mean an advantage for a female DJ these days. After smashing the stages of festivals like Midi, Strawberry, INTRO, Ultra, and many nightclub dancefloors, Sun Meng got invited by Boiler Room, as one of the very few Chinese female DJs featured globally.

Now Sun Meng is resident DJ at Four Season hotel and performed at many corporate events including Mini Cooper “China Mission”, SCC Club, TOYOTA Automobile Expo Opening, Lafayette S/S model DJ, Citizen Launch Party, Samsung Cool Run, 360 Network Annual Celebration, Hello Summer at Fenghuanghui Mall.

Collaborated with:

Gucci, St. John, HBEH, Mini Cooper, SCC Club, TOYOTA, Citizen, Samsung, 360 Network, Lafayette, Fenghuanghui Mall

Video Links:

* Boiler Room Beijing

* Hello Summer

* Red Light Radio


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