Hailing from the lush landscapes of Yunnan, southwest China, Qiu Qiu is a talented young DJ currently on the rise to another galaxy. His sleek techno aesthetic and dedication to local nightlife has seen him pumping at the heart of Chengdu’s dance music mecca.

Deep pulsating basslines paired with powerful rhythmic flow lies at the core of Qiu’s sound, intuitively blending tracks to create long, linear narratives that boldly embark to the edges of the stereophonic stratosphere. Attuned to the impulses of the party, Qiu’s fiery form of techno is functional and philosophical – appeasing the physical needs of the peak-time dancefloor, whilst creating an ethereal subspace for the valleys and rivers of emotional club catharsis.

As Chengdu continues to elevate as one of the most exciting cities on the Asian club circuit, DJ Qiuqiu is certainly a name to keep an eye on.

Corporate Clients:

Sankuanzi, Gentle Monster, Kid2, Rrotto

Video Links:

* Boiler Room

* Chun You Festival

* FAR Radio


+86 10 65513936