DJ SOLO is a professional DJ & producer who earned a great reputation in the fashion community with his talent and passion. He has accomplished tracks applauded by the major audience and he always enjoys mixing actual vinyl records and create the sound of his own.

With almost 7 years of experience around Europe and Asia, Solo spent early years digging for rare records, improving his skills, and working on his musical taste. He is known for his deep and unique understanding of music, which includes many a style such as Funky Disco, Chill, EDM, Techno, and Breaks.

With booking requests from various venues and events in Europe and Asia in the last two years, DJ SOLO gained so much experience and reputation, which makes him an even more interesting DJ character.

Corporate Clients:

Ferrari, Porsche, Paramera, NIO, Salvatore Ferragamo, Vivo, Bvlgari, Max&Co., Shanghai Fashion Week, Yuesai, Sephora, Proya, Perrier Jouet, Dom Perignon, Haagen-Dazs, Schelbach Home, Astal

Video Links:

* SOLO @ Salvatore Ferragamo

* SOLO @ Perrier Jouet

* SOLO @ BEEFEATER Exhibiton

* DJ SOLO Showreel


+86 10 65513936