Steo Le Panda believes that when you do what you love, it gives you strength. You will always be motivated. You will trust in yourself. And you will be happy.

He followed his heart to China and fell in love with its culture and people. Playing electronic music all around the Middle Country, from the bamboo forests of Chengdu, to the Megalopolis of Shanghai and the Great Wall of China.

Steo Le Panda makes a fusion of natural sounds with digital synths of electronic music. This very yin-yang mix mirrors the animal he has chosen as his totem: black and white, cute and wild, slow and fast, soft and hard…

When playing live, Steo Le Panda uses supercomputer and multi-touch screens to control his musics and visuals. His intention is to offer original experience, full of emotions and surprises that can inspire you.


+86 10 65513936