With multiple identities, DJ Sohan from Beijing is also the co-founder of electronic music label Konekt Asia.

The travel and exploration of more than 30 countries make her mixing style and music inspiration not limited to Funk, Disco, House, Techno, Tribal and so on. She has performed with several world-famous DJs and has been booked in Berlin, Germany, London and Lamu, Kenya.

In 2010, Hua Jiao APP invited Sohan for “IMF Cloud Live Disco” and her show got 1.1 million likes.

Corporate Clients:

Alexander McQueen, Atoms, BMW, Nike, Li Ning, Lafayette.

Video Links:

* IMF电音节

* 醉局气(DJ精剪版)

* 醉局气:夜店的事儿您不懂(完整版)


+86 10 65513936