The founder of the music label For., Ryan, moved to Guangzhou at the age of 18 and got into electronic music in 2010. He started A/V party label Kor. at the end of 2016 with visual artist Ken, aiming to bring the most unique audio/visual experience to the audience.

Ryan has an incredible passion for modular and experimental music. With his singular understanding of music, Ryan soon made his name known in the underground scene. He played at Boiler Room Guangzhou in 2017 and has shared stage with established international DJs including Marc Houle, Eric Cloutier, Scalameriya, Downtown Party Network, Feldermelder & Encor, and Manu.

Ryan also worked as a music director for fashion shows. Majored in Fashion Performance in college, he had runway experience for over 10 years. He was once hired to be the sound designer and DJ for Dior Homme at Guangzhou Opera House. He also participated in music production projects for adidas original, Hermès, Mo&Co., Six Wings, Coven, Garden, I love Pretty, Donoratico, Yishion, and TikTok. He also has long-term collaborations with Shenzhen Fashion Week, BMW X1, and Dior Homme.

Video Links:

* Boiler Room Guangzhou


+86 10 65513936