Rui Ho is a Chinese trans artist currently paving a unique path with her bold, colorful, and adventurous style of maximal pop. Debuting in 2016 on cutting-edge Chinese label Genome 6.66Mbp, her hyper-kinetic and genre-bending music takes inspiration from traditional Chinese melodies as well as energetic European club music for a technicolor sound that defies simple categorization. Following a string of hotly-tipped EPs, Rui just released her debut full-length album titled Lov3 & L1ght this past September on Planet Mu Records.

Combining defiant eclecticism with giddy euphoria, Rui makes high-velocity, hyperactive dance music that defies easy-categorisation. With an elastic set of references spanning ballroom culture to Chinese folklore to hard trance, Rui’s music represents a vivid queer futurism fit for our frantic present.

Before coming back in 2020, Rui was a Berlin club kid groomed by the Paris ball scene. Her rave sets and vogue shows explore with the discombobulating, cross-genre globalism only an internet-oriented artist living across countries could manage.

Video Links:

* Boiler Room Hard Dance

* Boiler Room System Restart

Press Coverage:

* Vogue

* Wonderland

* 周末画报


+86 10 65513936