Born in Beijing, initiated by the experience of living in Manchester, Jiacheng is a 27 years old songwriter, live musician, DJ, and fashion icon who enjoys the progress more than the outcome. Expect the unexpected is what he sets as a motto when creating.

He gets on a new journey as a songwriter/singer after many years of DJing & performing in the underground scene also for fashion brands such as Maison Margiela, Burberry, Chanel, etc.

Having released two albums, <Improvisational One> and <Somewhere Nowhere> in the last two years, Jiacheng finds his own way to express his feeling and thoughts directly through music.

<Improvisational One> is an album with 8 live jams from a show Jiacheng and Beibei created for Maison Margiela with JOYCE back in 2019. Each track was fully live and unrepeatable, which is why they were named by timecode and the album is called <Improvisational One>.

<Somewhere Nowhere>, Jiacheng’ debut studio EP, was released in 2020. The EP consists of three tracks, <Hands Down Laplace>, <Numbness No Good> and <The Way Out>, he speaks out his constructiveness, doubts & feelings through this album to create open thoughts for everyone about the world under mega data, what’s the meaning of going with the flow & the confidence of being independent. Alternative Rock, Dubstep, Reggae is the elements he sunk from many years of listening to music, with full band support, this EP got well represented.

As a Z generation influencer, he has been interviewed by BIE, Nylon, Dazed, Dazed Weekend, the Ballroom, 1626, and more.

Corporate Clients:

Tissot, Maison Maraiela, Burberry, Chanel, Balenciaga, Chris By Christopher BU, Tissot, Peace Bird, Xander Zhou, Croquis, Sankuanz, Nike, Mo&Co, Common Gender, Vogue.

Video Links:

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* CG x 88rising House of Jade

* CROQUIS x Jiacheng

* COMMON GENDER 2018 A/W model & DJ

* COMMON GENDER short film


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