DJ Egor from the beautiful and cultural capital city of  Russia, Saint Petersburg, has been DJing for 7 years. Synthpop, funk, and hip hop settled his base as a DJ, and he grew more into deep house and tech house as the journey expands. He prefers to call his style “intelligent new house with a classic spirit”.

Before being recognized as a DJ, Egor was a famous model, a skateboard freak, a street fashion designer, and the founder of high-end skateboard brand DINAMIKA. Those fashion show after parties in Paris and Milan gave him the earliest opportunities to get on a different stage to present his own style.

Egor has a simple passion for life itself. He traveled around the globe with his longboard. When we asked him how he ended up living in Chengdu, he said he liked the natural sceneries here. “You don’t have to go out of the city to see the natural beauty of Sichuan.” And of course, once again he is right.

Corporate Clients:

Chanel, Vans, Adidas, JOYCE, Mercedes Benz, SK-II, NI, Pioneer

Video Links:

* Podcast on Bangkok WA Radio

* Hello Bangkok Party


+86 10 65513936