HAO, based in Chengdu, is one of the kinds among excitement of the new sound from the subculture, drifts across the club scene, rave spirit and German style Techno. From years of digging and devoting into the music, performing in different cities and inspiration of trips to Berlin, HAO’s sound becomes more and more clear and distinctive. Immersed in field of Minimal and Techno, the beat of repetition creates the everlasting sense of time and space, within the cold landscape of industrialism but the loving and caring atmosphere.

Besides, out of the love for independent culture and contemporary design, HAO founded the independent designer store “Si he FOUR” and planned a number of release parties, collaborating with other artists and musicians in electronic music field, to keep exploring more possibilities and form of art with electronic music outside of the dancefloor.

Corporate Clients:

Calvin Klein, Mini Cooper, Etudes, F_our, marcomauro, Artica Arbox, Percy Lau, Mei Hui Ting, Lucency

Video Links:

* Boiler Room Chengdu 

* Aranya Beach Festival

* Chun You Festival

* FAR Radio Podcast


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