DJ Bray is half Chinese half British DJ, model and event promoter.

With roots embedded in both east and the west, Bray’s passion for music first flourished in U.K’s bass music scene in the mid 2000s alongside his career on the runway for the likes of Louis Vuitton, Y-3, and Agnes B. Through his travels, Bray’s musical pallets has diversified via club tempos from Paris to Shanghai through a network of like-minded creatives, DJing for American Apparel, PRADA, Hugo Boss, adidas Originals to Diesel.

Bray’s appetite for different genres has led him to music direct for Hong Kong Fashion Week and Shanghai Fashion Week brands while working with award-winning Fortune Sound Club with genres from House, Disco & Hip Hop to artists like Major Lazor, Raekwon (Wu Tang) to Disclosure. As Director of creative music collective ‘YETI in the Basement’ in London, Bray has promoted and shared the stage alongside Benji B, Young Guru, Jillionaire, Slow Magic, Breakbot and more.

Behind the mixer, Bray plays homage to house, disco, hip-hop fusing r&b melodies with electronica inspired elements. His sets consist of seamless mixing and party rocking that hovers around 120 bpm. Bringing live remixing and effects work into play, Bray leaves the audience moving to sub-genre sounds yet contemporary beats.

Meanwhile, we have the twin-brother-dj-duo, The Brays. They are the coolest and the most talented!

Corporate Clients:

Coach, Under Armour, Dior, Gucci, Hermes, PRADA, Hugo Boss, Nike, Diesel, Converse, Vans, American Apparel, Adidas Originals.

Video Links:

* East Coast – China’s Hottest Parties

* Uncovering Asia’s Underground – Shanghai Basement Parties


+86 10 65513936