An excellent dance floor controller, Dj Blue, who is dedicated to deep minimal and tech-house music. She is well-known for her soulful and strongly rhythmed style. Her sets could take many genres such as jazz, classical music, acid, and experimental music. However, she always has the consciousness to combine all those elements together into a unique combo perfectly. She can magically transform herself into a cellist or a pianist or a band. Her unique perspective in music emphasizes the expression functions of narration of her sound.

Blue has been booked by festivals such as INTRO, Strawberry, ADE in Amsterdam, and Garbicz in Berlin.

Collaborated with:

Polestar, Jägermeister, Undercover, Asics, Bread Mart

Video Links:

* Blue Nights

* Chun You Feastival

* 13Lounge周年节目

* Dusk Til Down节目


+86 10 65513936