LOCK is a well-established pop rock band from Russia. They left steps all over Russia, Rukrain, Lithuania, Estonia, Latvia and have been invited to perform at big music festivals in England, German, Denmark, Norway, South Africa and Japan. At the annual Russia International Pop Music Festival, LOCK is a name you can always see listed as a headliner.

Singer: KSHA

Performed at many music festivals, nickname “Little Adele”


Grew up in a family of musicians, born for music

Guitar: ALEX

His rough and calloused hands tell how much he devoted to the six strings

Drum: OLEG

The bands newest member who brought the groove and vibe to the team

Recent Performance:

• 奥斯卡摇滚音乐节 • 彩虹音乐节 • 美国安德森开业盛典 • 南京金鹰周年庆 • 杜德伟见面会 • 海上威尼斯音乐节 • 法兰泰克重工上市发布会 • 诺亚方舟年会 • 雅朵酒店客户答谢会 • 纳斯卡年会盛典暨颁奖典礼 • 印象城跨年晚会 • 百事集团招商会 • 兰博基尼试驾会 • 银泰I DO 新品发布会 • 奔驰试驾会 • 迪奥新店开幕仪式 • 天使宝贝基金会启动仪式 • 《天网》主题晚宴现场 • 《女王的盛宴》主题晚宴 • 美馔之夜”高端晚宴 • 生活品鉴家颁奖晚宴暨target五周年庆• 上海时装周moussy新品发布会 • 中茵皇冠之夜 • 格力空调华东大区颁奖盛典 • JEEP 4S店试驾会 • 万达集团华东区招商会 • 奔驰车展全国巡演 • 上海奢侈品晚宴 • 上海沙漠风暴音乐节 • 极光之夜 奢享时尚高端晚宴

* Lock @ APAC Go-Live

* Lock @ Music Festival


+86 10 65513936