The extravagant up-and-coming Quiz band from Europe are very well-known in the local music circle. Once they stepped up to the international stage of sound, the band immediately became a representative of the new generation of, simply put, “Good Band”. With the full ability and no-limit energy, Quiz is the top option for any project. Their versatile of styles cover Jazz, Blues, Soul, and Pop.

The band is frequently invited to perform at international cultural festivals, events and embassies and consulates, gala dinners, product launch events. The singer and keyboard/vocalist can play different music styles and can also re-arrange tracks for tailer-made cases. Quiz never mime a song, they bring the true sound of heart from the audience, to the audience, and for the audience.

Singer: Anna

Keyboard: Dima

Bass: Michael

Drum: Serhii

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+86 10 65513936