Mian, Chinese name Luna Tang, is a visual artist and film enthusiast. Mian has sharp instincts for visual design and a great passion for live performances. She has years of experience shooting documentary films and making experimental videos, and she has performed in many large-scale music festivals and live art shows as a professional VJ. While she explores modes of expression through visual forms, Mian has also participated in other fields such as multi-media interactive installation design and art gallery design. Through her art practice, Mian conveys her emotions to her audience, constantly presenting new insights.

She produced music videos for Chris Lee, Pu Shu, Li Quan, Li Zhi, Mosaic, Mr. See Turtle, Feng Ti Mo, Neon Garden, Fake Gentle, Qi Ba Dian, Su Yang, Yang Ji Ma, and many more.

Recent Works:

无价之姐-Chris Lee


Mixed Reality Live Show-Neon Garden

Go Back To The Future-Mosaic

Who’s World-Fake Gentle


+86 10 65513936