Dancers all have their own grace and style, but dance partnerships often take on a life of their own. Den and Viktoria is a married couple and is certainly the most-loved and celebrated contemporary dance partnership.

Individually, Den and Viktoria are each worthy of joining the ranks of greats like Pavlova, Nijinsky, and Diaghilev, but when Den and Viktoria dance together, magic happens onstage. Den’s youthful, brazen force, and Viktoria’s refined elegance made their partnership a success from the start.

As the most famous dancer couple graduated from the School of Moscow Dance Academy, they know that technique was only the tip of the iceberg. Instructing each other, the couple honed their talents beyond simply having perfect technique.

In 2011 Den and Viktoria went on performing around Europe and the year after they discovered Beijing. Ever since then they’ve been busy presenting modern, classic, jazz, acrobatic, hip-hop choreography and performance to multiple TV shows, concerts, brand events, and training programs. Then they founded a big dance crew TENSION in 2016.

Recent Videos:
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* Relax Duo Showreel

* Performance for Audemars Piguet

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