Created in 2017, POWER put on high-energy shows incorporating styles of urban funk, hip-hop, vogue, jazz, and contemporary dance.

These dancers do what they like and dance their passions. They dedicate themselves to training hard and enjoy doing it. They were solo dancers or members of other dance groups before they became brothers. Grabbing each other’s attention at many TV shows and commercial events, the guys built such a strong mutual respect after rounds and rounds of silent competition. Then the idea of an all-men, powerful, energetic, and challenging dance group, the POWER boys, came to life.

The strong and stylish boys embody many different elements in their performances and bring entertainment value that will capture its audience. All members of the crew are formally trained in many styles of dance including ballet, contemporary and jazz.

Recent Videos:
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* 浙江卫视《燃情贺岁夜》春晚张俪伴舞



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