Mori is an amazing foot-trapping international DJ, an on-fire artist, and a producer. She started her unique artistic career as an underground freak theatre actor and step by step Mtori discovered new creative ways of her self-fulfillment, she never missed bright and unusual opportunities.

Mori is a resident of the most popular TOP clubs in China and Asia, such as Space, M2, and Soho. Mori is a flaming rising star of electronic music. Her performances are filled with crazy energy, deep emotions, and positive atmospheres.

The track ‘SMASH This Beat’ was her first successful step into the industry of electronic music. The track was listed in the top 10 tracks in the category ‘Big room’ on Beatport. Her musical career is a fascinating journey at the very beginning, and there is a long and eventful path ahead full of new discoveries and incredible music.

Mori’s time is around the corner.  She is here, she is now, she always stays in the fiery and explosive moment of the present.

Corporate Clients:

Adidas Original, VERRI, F1, Heineken, Budweiser, Tsingdao

Video Links:

* Showreel 1

* Showreel 2


+86 10 65513936