Lizzy is the most popular female DJ in China, she is the first female Chinese DJ ever performed at Ultra, her outstanding appearance and production techniques of electronic music lead her to promptly raised its popularity in China since he debut in 2016 and builds a reputation for her high-energy sets. Her new track “Chasing the Light” was released as the leading track on Billboard presents: Electric Asia ‘Best of Asian Dance Music’ series across the globe! It’s the 2nd in NetEase album streams only behind KSHMR. She just had her first Billboard front page feature on Billboard. com as the leading producer from China.

Lizzy Wang has performed at various festivals all over continent including Singapore F1 Grand Prix 2018, Jungle Music festival, Zouk at Sea, It’s the Ship, EDC China, and ect. In 2017, she became the first female DJ to ever perform at Ultra China in Shanghai and was invited to play at ultra China this year again in 2018. Lizzy Wang has also played at many of the hottest night clubs all over the world such as Omnia Bali, Cubic Macau, Zouk Singapore, Los globos LA, Circle and Mission in NYC, Tiger Tiger in London, and many more all over the world.

Stay tuned for the powerful drops from this Asia’s rising star.

Video Links:

* “FLEXY” ft. Julie Bergan

* 2018 Jungle Festival

* Lizzy @ Paramount Club


+86 10 65513936