Gennady started his deejay carrier in Saint Petersburg in 2008. Since then he has performed in many famous venues in Russia. After deciding to leave his home country to pursue an international career as a DJ he first set foot on China in 2014. Within a few weeks only he became a resident of all the underground clubs in Chengdu. With his performances he has shared the stage with many big international DJs. The music he wants to push further into our world can be classified as Classic House, Chicago House, Tech House and Techno.

Now Gennady has a studio and record store in Chengdu, and he is moreover the co-founder of the labels Chengdu on Wax, Get Tanned, and MY House. With these labels, he organized over 100 successful events in the past years. He basically lives and breaths House music and is always up for a spin when there’s vinyl decks or CDjs In front of him.

He was featured in media like DAZED and NOWNESS.

Meanwhile, super talented Gennady is also a very well-known skateboarder and fashionista. Not only he has Djed for many brands event but also has shot commercials for sport and fashion brands, opened his own skateboard shop DINAMIKA, and got interviewed in documentaries and TV programs.

Corporate Clients:

Dior, Dior Addict, Emporio Armani, Huawei Honor, New Balance, Vans, Tesla, Neighbor, Ape, Mercedes Benz, NOWNESS

Video Links:


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* Salute Skate


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