Clef is a DJ, Producer and Event Planner from Milan, Italy. His musical journey started when he was a little boy playing clarinet in Conservatorio Giuseppe Verdi di MILANO (Milan Conservatory) and went on with acoustics, classical music and other instruments such as drum and piano.

Deeply involved with electronic music since a young age, he got deeply influenced by Kraftwerk, Aphex Twin, Depeche Mode, Carl Craig and the more recent artists such as Daft Punk, Nathan Fake, Paul Kalkbrenner and Kolsh. He focused on combining different music genres and explored playing vinyl, electronic drums, synthesizers and midi controllers.

In 2013 he picked artist name “Clef” after many live shows in Milan.

In 2014 he started to promote project “Freak’n’c”, focusing on bringing the finest live artists and DJs to Milan.

He moved to Shanghai in 2015 where he quickly become an important player of the local scene. Soon later he became resident DJ at the most popular nightclub at the time — Lola, and later on Woobar.  Throughout these years he shared the stage with highly influential international DJs such as Claptone, Guti, Andre Hommen, M.A.N.D.Y., Tiga, Culoe da Song, Sebastian Leger besides many more.

In 2016, as both a DJ and a KOL Clef started a collaboration with RedBull. First, he was booked to play at M1NT Club in Bali. And in January the year after, he was brought back to his hometown Milano and played at the best-known club AMNESIA as a special guest DJ with GUTI, B Converso, and Andrew Giomi.

His sets are made of a meticulously selected house, nu disco, techno and uptempo tracks mixed with ambient sounds and synths, that aims to bring a next-level dancefloor experience for the crowd.

As his fame and reputation mountains up after countless bombing shows at clubs and festivals, Clef also became a popular artist at fashion events. He was booked at Shanghai Fashion Week, Shanghai Film Festival, Huawei MBA, CK, YSL, Pancoat, Line, 5CM and many more.

  * Rooftop Party ft. DJ Clef


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