Music is constantly influenced by the mainstream, including by trends in culture, society, and sometimes politics. Mark Shechaka, was named “the Person of the Year” by Timeout magazine as his versatile performances created not only different stage characters but also led his Russian footsteps to different territories around the world.

He is a pianist and singer that combines a number of different styles and trends, but the unchanging foundation is always pop, jazz and classical music. Ten years ago, Mark came to China with three of childhood friends and started the band White Cat.

From reality show on BTV to orchestra on Mongolia TV, from live house shows to commercial events, the band carried out pop, jazz, folk, and classical performances to millions of audiences all over the country.

Video Link:

Acoustic Trio Jazz

Trio “Fly Me To The Moon”

“La Bamba” @ Dior

Acoustic @ Architects’ Night

Quartet @ Kong Que Cheng Real Estate

Country Style

“Another Break In The Wall”  @ SE AudioTechni


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