In the men’s world of electronic music, it’s a rare gift to find a woman who’s not only performing with a beautiful voice or playing with a touching instrument but who’s writing and producing her music completely on her own.

AVA – the granddaughter of a Ghanaian king – is such a gift. She combines her impulsive African beats with spherical melodies, her outstanding voice with her fascinating violin. On stage she’s melting all this with her unique outfit design to turn the live performance into an enduring experience for both – eyes and ears. Since now the stage often needs a third dimension, AVA takes her instrument to explore the vertical limits of control to inspire the audience with her outstanding aerial show.

In Berlin, she met a founding member of the legendary quartet Kombinat100, Molle aka Mollono.Bass who is a well known face within the scene for quite some time. His deep passion for electronic music caused the foundation of Acker Records in 2006, which he leads as its mastermind, as well as the launch of 3000° Records in 2008. Mollono.Bass embeds warm, groovy and driving drum sets into a dubby, harmonic and emotional soundscape.

With AVA’s vocal and violin, Mollono.Bass’ beats and rhythm, their organic tunes with a touch of atmospheric sounds take the listener on a journey through time and space.

Recent Shows:

21.07.2018 > Insel der Jugend OpenAir

27.07.2018 > SNNTG Festival

10.08.2018 > 3000Grad Festival

25.08.2018 > Pangea Festival


 * AVA & Yele live @ Docks Hamburg

* AVA live at 3000Grad Festival

* AVA live flying with Mollono Bass

* AVA with Mollono.Bass at Mamazita

* “Introduction” MV


+86 10 65513936