The band GREEN have members from different European countries. All graduated from professional musical schools, each of them has a lot of performance experiences. Being resident artists at Jazz Bars and performing at music festivals gave them a special style that’s carried out by their outer look and inner power at the same time. Beijing masters of pop, jazz, and rock, GREEN is the best band option for any type of events.

Singer: ALYONA

Majored in Vocal Music, she has a marvelous voice with an extraordinary range. Her high pitch is firm, her middle pitch is dulcet, her low pitch is thick. She is really good at interacting with the crowd, therefore, got invited to perform at many a brand event.

Drum: TONY

He doesn’t only have a look like Chester Bennington from Linkin Park but also big talent with percussion.

Guitar: ALEX

Already a big star singer and guitarist when he was in music school and now he’s an experienced and respected musician.

Keyboard: DIMA

Inherited from his parents, Dima has carried out over a thousand solo shows since seven years old with his genes.

Recent Videos:

 * GREEN Band Showreel

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