AUDI “Future Digital Retail” Creative Workshop


The Audi Digital Retail Study was a unique project to kick start ARP Creative’s 2015. Audi is a leader in its field, so it’s no surprise that it is changing its role as a traditional dealership to a digital retailer of the future. 

In order to launch Audi’s new concept,  we brought together innovators in their field to conduct a creative workshop and panel talks.  

8 KOLs including:

  • A TEDxChina Ambassador,
  • Founder of Beijing Maker Space,
  • CrossOver Innovation Network Chief Representative,
  • Founder of,
  • Schneider Electric Marketing Director
  • OMG RACE Managing Director

participated in a two-day workshop. Each day saw different missions and topics: from onsite research to future car retail pitching. With leading voices of different experiences and backgrounds, ARP Creative helped Audi explore the future of retail.


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