VJ Yang is one of the most experienced techy visual artists living in Shenzhen. He is a computer music designer and programmer, as well as a low-tech instrument hacker. His talent and devotion to his work earned him the opportunity to participate many a headline visual art events, such as Beijing International New Media Arts Exhibition & Symposium in 2010, the Frischzelle Festival in Cologne and Getitlouder Beijing in 2011, and Shanghai E-arts Festival in 2012, and many brand events as listed below.

2010 Projects:

“On The Edge” China-Australia New Media Conference/ Beijing International New Media Arts Exhibition & Symposium

2011 Projects:

Frischzelle Art Festival in Cologne/ Getitlouder Exhibition Beijing/ Peter Hook China Tour/ Steve Aoki China Tour/ ModernSky Music Festival/Getitlouder Beijing / ABSOLUT interactive visual installation at Frischzelle Festival in Cologne

2012 Projects: Shanghai E-arts Festival/ Strawberry Music Festival Beijing/ Big Love Music Festival Chengdu/ PlanetE Music Festival Beijing/ “Brain Failure” Album Release key visual design and event VJ

2013 Projects: Howie Lee EP “Cantonese Girl-Chit Tu” Remix MV/ Strawberry Music Festival Electronic stage design and VJ/ ART EXPO visual design/  TANG DYNASTY “Mang Ci” Album Release VJ/ PET CONSPIRACY show light installation design/ SECONDHAND ROSES “Pointless Rock” Workers’ Stadium Concert VJ/ QOROS Car Launch interactive visual design & VJ

2014 Projects:

PENG TAN “E-game Talents Plan” stage design & VJ/ ALIENWARE “Time” VJ/ Yue Gu Music Festival visual design/ Great Wall Music Festival Beijing VJ/ Ultra Music Festival Seoul VJ/ Modernsky sub-label MAE visual design/ INFINITI 英菲尼迪ESQ发布#放肆造#派对 Interactive Installation

2015 Projects:

Jeep New Cherokee installation for commercial shooting/ Volkswagen GTE installation for commercial shooting/

2016 Projects:

Toyota website animation/ 2016 微博超级红人节 VJ/ HP China OMEN campaign video effects/ Toyota Crown mirror” installation for commercial shooting

2017 Projects:

Honda Fit Guangzhou Auto Show/ 2017 微博超级红人节/ LanStory战旗电竞总动员Cartier “Jueste Un Clou” installation for commercial shooting/ Buick “Trends” installation for commercial shooting/ Lexus NX installation for commercial shooting

2018 Projects:

Audi A8L Launch Event installation

2019 Projects:

Fresh Asia Music Awards 2019



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