Grew up in Changsha, VJ Ming was under the education of traditional Chinese formative arts. He has a deep root with handmade visual messages, but at the same time is captivated by the energy and creativity of digital media art. After graduating from Engraving Art School of CAFA (Central Academy of Fine Arts), he is now a digital interactive visual artist, breaking his creation limit wondering in reality, illusion and simulation always try to seize the light of inspiration in the blink of an eye.


2007-2011 – Engraving Art School of CAFA (Central Academy of Fine Arts)

2011 – Digital Interactive Visual Program


2010 Da Ni Hunan West Culture Gallery Design

2011 Changzhou Culture Museum Design

2012 INTRO Beijing Electronic Music Festival

2012 Tiger Music Festival Beijing Finale

2012 Maker Carnival, Beijing

2012 Big Love Music Festival, Chengdu

2012 Planet-E Music Festival, Beijing

2012 Psyfidelity Party, Beijing

2013 Projection Mapping Opera

2013 Creative Culture Expo Grand Opening, Tianjin

2014 3D Mapping at Meixihu Lighting Festival, Changsha

2014 Joy Valley Music Festival, Beijing

2014 New Media Opera Tour

2014 Dream Music Festival, Datong

2014 Great Wall Forest Festival, Beijing

2014 Modern Sky Music Festival, Beijing

2014 Sweet Sis Band China Tour

2015 CAFA Group Exhibition

2015 Joy Valley Music Festival, Beijing


2008 CAFA Engraving Art School Group Exhibition

2009 CAFA Selection Group Exhibition

2010 CAFA Selection Group Exhibition

2010 Engraving Art Group Exhibition at 3818 Gallery in 798

2011 “Object” Woodcut Screen Printing Exhibition at CAFA

2013 “ShadowPlay” Visual Installation Exhibition

2015 Master Graduates Exhibition at CAFA

2016 Mercedes Me Christmas

2016 Beijing Film Festival

2017 Mercedes Me Christmas

2017 BAZAAR Charity Night

Videos of Ming:

* 2013-14 Showreel

* Installation “Gone Time” @CAFA

* VJ @ Datong Lixiang Music Festival


+86 10 65513936