Boiler Room China x Audi

On November 26th, Boiler Room joined forces for the second time with premium car manufacturer Audi, and brought together innovative German and Chinese DJ’s and artists. As the second “Audi – Urban Electronics” project ARP Creative executed, it was hosted in the Audi City showroom in downtown Beijing, and the evening showcased a plethora of audio-visual live acts, art installations and DJ sets. The collection of acclaimed artists included German DJs and producers Fritz Kalkbrenner, Oliver Koletzki and Steve Bug as well as the Chinese independent music producer and multi-media artist Lou Nanli (aka B6) with pianist Song Siheng and electronic music duo Xiang & Su. On the 2nd floor, a multi-media exhibition showcased works from Qian Honglin, Ren Yuan, Clockwork Q, and Hong Qile.

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