MIIIA aka SanTaiZi (live set preformance) has been pushing the boundaries of Shanghai’s underground music scene for nearly a decade. The Chinese-Canadian artist is continuously building a dream-world that extends from the studio to her on- stage performances, bringing dance floors with her to uncharted space territories.

First exposed to rave culture in high school in Canada, MIIIA’s China journey began with her radio show ‘Tripout Session’ on uDance, the country’s first 24-hour underground music radio station. With listeners drawn to her voice as well as her selections, the show quickly attracted the largest following on the station, leading to MIIIA being invited to perform at the opening of the inaugural International Radio Festival in Zurich. Since then MIIIA has performed in Many cities in Asia, Europe, North America and numerous cities in mainland China.

In 2014 MIIIA was one of a handful of China-based artists to attend the RBMA Bass Camp in Beijing, performing and workshopping with Benji B, Axel Boman, Just Blaze and Hudson Mohawke. In 2016 she was chosen to perform at China’s first Boiler Room session.

As a producer she has been release numerous originals and remixes as well as vocal collaborations on labels such as Acupuncture records, E.C.I Korea, BESURE, Destroy All Monsters, Nein records, and La dame noir marseille.

In China, she headlined at almost all the underground clubs across the country. She’s also the go-to support for promoters booking top-level international house and techno acts, having been called to support for countless world class artists such as Function, Recondite, Sonja Moonear, Nina Kraviz, Efdemin, Etapp Kyle, Par Graindvik, Rebekah, Hector Oaks and many many more.

Corporate Clients:

Lululemon, Li Ning, Zara, Pause, Pioneer, Ballantine’s, Absolut, Team Lab

Video Links:

INTRO Music Festival

BOILER ROOM Shanghai 2016

SANTAIZI (live) BOILER ROOM Shanghai 2019


+86 10 65513936