Limbo, the young and characteristic DJ and music producer. She is talented at mixing jazz elements and sampling the strange sounds to her works. Her tastes are sometimes variable and sometimes stubborn, hovering between the old school and the new, and constantly explores the balance point between where her aesthetic ideas can be established.

Limbo‘s concept of music is personal but not selfish. She likes to bring fun and humor to people. Telling absurd stories through music is her spiritual sustainment.

As a DJ, she has been active not only in underground clubs, music festivals, but also the art and fashion scene.

As a producer, her debut EP “It’s a Fact. No.!” (2012) was a knockout filtered with breakcore, jungle, drum & bass, and dance music’s other thrilling tangents. Her later contribution to the jazz group Little Happiness’s EP “Debut” inspirational remix (2018) and LP “Dreaming with Friends” (2020) kept on delivering her eccentric and botheration detective protagonist.

Collaborated With:

Prada, YSL, Absolut, Budweiser, SKP, UCCA, IOMA

Video Links:

* Loopy Radio Show



+86 10 65513936