Costin was born in Romania, and most of his time spend around artists doing high school and the university of art. Early at the age of 18 years old, he got to work as a PR manager in many a club, especially one called NO NAME where he discovered the passion for electronic music. Around 19 years old he started to learn how to play electronic music on a computer. Not long after that, he got his first gig at one underground club in Timisoara called COMODO. At 20 years old he got the opportunity to be a model as well and started to travel all around the world doing both. With the modeling opportunities, he got to play music in Milan, Kuala Lumpur, Shanghai, Guangzhou, and more.

Since then, he took off the earth and started to tripping and drifting among the stars and exploring a new galaxy.

Corporate Clients:

Adidas Original, Shanghai Fashion Week, 10 Corso Como, Rado, Mazzucato, Stella, Formula 1, Ville V

Video Link:

* Costin @ Elrow Festival

* Ville V A-maze-ing Night


+86 10 65513936