YBB is a band featuring jazz, pop, blues and Chinese music. The musicians of the orchestra are professionals from different countries who took root in China. They all share a common musical dream which is to re-contextualize and redefine the bandura in contemporary jazz wherever they are. They have removed cultural barriers and created a brand new musical form that are favored by the Chinese audiences. The band always creates a very active and appealing scene with their performance, so that every audience can feel being part of the show. They are currently one of the most sought-after jazz bands in Beijing.

VOCAL: Natalie

Natalie, an award-winning soul, jazz and pop singer. Demonstrating an exceptional singing talent from her youth, Natalie started to perform at age 7 when she began featuring regularly at municipal and charity concerts throughout the Russian Far East. A musical prodigy, she was accepted to study opera as well as guitar at the prestigious Prokofiev Musical School, while also studying musical theatre at the Eastern State Academy of Art.

She relocated to China in 2009 upon graduation, where her success has been meteoric. Natalie has made countless internationally broadcasted television appearances. Her first appearance was in the CCTV-3 competition I Want To Be In Spring Festival Gala (我要上春晚) in where she won the audience choice award. Her powerful stage performances have since continued to receive critical acclaim, from her renowned appearance at 2015 and 2016 BTV International Spring Festival Gala to her recent awards of the champion prize in CCTV talent competition I Wanna Sing With You, CCTV-3 Goodness Arrival in The First Month (正月好味到), CCTV-1  Xing Guang Da Dao (星光大道) finale, CCTV-3 Yuezhan Yueyong (越战越勇). Natalie recent forays into musical theatre performance have included stage shows of the Phantom of the Opera and The Cats.

PIANO: Andrew

After graduating from The Republik Secondary Special Music Academik Liceum which is named after V. Uspensky with professor Madina Fayzjyeya, Andrew got his master diploma from International Academia of Yuri Bashmet in Belorussia.

He participated in many competitions and gained awards such as Laureate J Prize in Uzbekistan, I de Exceptie ”Pro-piano” in Romania, and State National “BRAVO” in Italy. He has had many solo concerts and toured with orchestra around Europe.

Andrew is also a professor in music education. He gives classes on music arrangements, jazz music jamming, and music production.


Bom has always had a sensitive pair of ears ever since he was a youngster, which supported his musical talent on the journey. He learned multiple instruments and won several prestigious awards in Cuba. As a young musician, he played at the infamous Buena Vista Social Clubs lounge.

His thorough understanding of music and full knowledge of arranging enables him to lead several bands of various styles.

After his band’s residency at hotels in Philippines, such asMarriott, Shangri-La, and Grand Millennium, Bom moved to China. Whether it’s brand events, or personal gatherings, or music festivals, he always captivates the audiences with his magical keys.


Elio, a professional guitarist. He was involved in the recordings of major music shows and concerts in Cuba.

In 2014, Elio came to China and participated in many major Jazz and Pop music festivals across the nation. In 2017, he recorded “I Am The Singer” celebrity show on Hunan. In 2018, he performed in the New Year’s concert on Hunan TV, playing major guitar for Jackson Yee the lead singer of TF boys. In July 2018, Elio accompanied famous actress Ning Jing on BTV “Sing My Song”  celebrity competition. He also played for singer Li Yushan on CCTV for many a show.


Darvel is a Cuban musician with over 15 years of experience. He is a multi-faceted musician and instrumentalist who is specialized in Bass, Double Bass and Trombone.

His thorough understanding of music lends him to all mainstream genres. As a skilled musician he has directed and played several successful bands, both in Cuba (Suena Cubano and The Alley Cats) and in China in recent years. Meanwhile, he is a professional sound engineer. Darvel is a respected music creator from both the artistic and the technical points of view.

DRUM: Ricardo

Ricardo is a Cuban musician. It’s been over 25 years since he touched a drum set for the first time at age of 7. Drumstick is what he has held in his hands for the longest hours. When he plays, those beats become part of his body which raise up the heartbeats of both the audience and himself.

Ricardo graduated from Cuban Music Academy with a master degree. In 2011, he participated in “Juan Cancio Barreto International Drum Competition and Festival” and got into the finale. In 2018, he won the champion of “The Drummers of China”.

Saxophone: Nathan

Corporate Clients:

BMW, Mercedes Benz, Audi, Porsche, Ferrari, DS, Volvo, Huawei, Samsung, BVLGARI, Giorgio Armani, MaxMara, IWC, Remy Martin, Microsoft, Disney

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