Simona is an award-winning singer, composer, educator. Having released four albums as a leader and appearing on numerous compilations, she has established herself in the NY jazz scene and continues touring internationally.

Simona began her musical journey in Napoli, Italy. Before focusing exclusively on singing during her teens, she studied classical piano. At 16 she was referred to the president of Napoli’s CFM School, where she studied classical voice training under the guide of Cristina Florio. Not long after embarking on her jazz studies, Simona was already active on the local jazz scene joining little groups and big bands. After earning her Bachelors Degree, Simona explored the Italian music scene and took a solo trip to New York. There she earned a Masters Degree in Jazz Performance from the Queens College in 2014. During these years, she performed extensively with her group, and joined various rhythm sections in different American and European cities. She learns keyboard and guitar herself and has been practicing singing for years. Her voice is exquisite and unique.

She participated in several jazz competitions, winning first prize in “Big Band Competition for jazz vocalist” in Rome at Casa del Jazz and won the prestigious scholarship “Dennis Irwin”, while earning finalist honors in the International Jazz Competition Voicingers 2011 (Poland). Since 2018 Simona has been living in Beijing while touring around the world. After countless shows at concert halls in many a city, she gained over 100,000 followers in a Chinese Karaoke APP Changba.

Video Links:

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* “Lover Man”, LeFrak Concert Hall NYC

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* “茉莉花”

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* “Breve Amore”

* “Canzone Appassiunata”

* “I Giardini Di Marzo”

* “Song for Mauro”

* “Scetate”

* “Salgemma”

* “O Sole Mio”

* “Matilda”

* “In Your Eyes”


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