Daria Yurchenko (Dasha) is a renowned artist on the Chinese music scene, having been a regular performer throughout the country. Singing alongside some of the worlds greatest singers and jazz musicians in China, Beijing-based Dasha is recognized as a tremendously talented singer.
Raised in the wilds of Vladivostok – Russia, educated in the modern city of Boston – America, she moved to Beijing 5 years ago to pursue her music career. With her melting eyes, angelic voice, winning smile, stunning looks and sumptuous body, she uses her charismatic and warm personality to enchant the Chinese crowds. She regularly performs at the premier Beijing and world famous nightspots – Xiu, Centro and Atmosphere bar. Her repertoire includes Jazz, Dance, Rhythm and Blues, Chinese ballads and she has on occasions written and recorded her own material. She generally sings with a small backing band but also sings solo with backing tracks. Her improvising skills are incredible, as she interacts with the crowd and thrives off them, during live shows.
She has recently combined her talent with Julian, and together developed a new concept in town called Ju & Yu. Bringing the best of the electronic sounds live performing.
With many octaves of vocal reach and singing in Russia, English and Chinese, her versatility can bring an audience to ecstasy anytime, any place. She also appears in numerous promotional work throughout China- either live shows or in video shoots- and with her astonishing looks and singing skills is trusted by many global companies to promote their brands in China, such as Aimer lingerie, Lenovo, MINI, BMW,  Jaguar, Vivo, AMG and Mercedes Benz.
Last year Daria toured Australia and was invited to “The Lenny D Show”. The video got over 150,000 hits on Youtube.

Videos of Dasha:

* “The Lenny D Show” with 150,000 Youtube Hits
* CCTV 9 Gala Show

* Amour @ Shanghai Fashion Week 2015
* Amour @ Shanghai Fashion Week 2014
* Amour @ Shanghai Fashion Week 2013
* “Rehab” Jazz Show
* Lenovo Event
* Jazz Show “Crazy”
* VIVO X27 Spring Release Carnival


+86 10 65513936