Christan Ray started as a talented teenager from Krasnodon, a little town of Ukraine. Now she has set out to leave her mark in the music industry with her contemporary RnB/Pop sounds, garnished by soulful vocals.

Christan seeks to enter today’s music scene with her powerful and vibrant harmonies. Although still performing in China, Christan took the decision back in 2016 to put her touring on hold to develop her first solo album. She recently started to form a team of fresh and creative talents to develop the gem that will properly introduces internationally her very first, original works to both her fans and fellow music lovers. She is an artist who demonstrates determination and is passionate about originality. Christan has contributed to each step of the process, from writing lyrics to assisting in the construction of her beats and passing by composing vocals. Christan is planning to release her first single within the year, with plans of a music video.

It was Christan’s family who motivated her to pursue music as a career. Creating a musical atmosphere for her as a child, she was given the opportunity to develop her abilities; not only as a vocalist, but also as an artist. Before deciding to seriously pursue her dream of becoming a singer, Christan displayed her talent through public appearances in her local community. During her first year of college, she entered a singing competition that she won.This seemingly small achievement marked for her the start of sharing music with others as a passion worth fighting for. She started a 5-year higher education degree specializing in Pop Vocalists at the Luhansk National Art & Musical Institute in 2005. Shortly after graduation, Christan began performing as background ocalist for the Ukrainian male group “Aviator”. Not long after their tour through Russia and Ukraine, Christan joined an other group of performers in the cabaret show “”Odysseo”. The show went on tour and traveled through France, Germany, Switzerland and the Alps.

In 2013 Christan sought a different route for her music career. She took a chance and formed a female group of four, including herself, by the name of “New Radical”. As the only vocalist in the group, they set out for a 3 month tour in China. Upon the tour’s end, Christan returned to Ukraine to plan her net move, rich of new knowledge and experiences from performing on a different continent. In September of the same year, she returned to China with a new group called “G5”. At the term of a second tour, through much planning and preparation, she assembled a dance team from America and arranged a show for her solo debut. She officially began perform as Chritan Ray and launched a self-titled tour “The Christan Ray Tour”. Over the next two years Christan acquired a large fanbase by being invited to special events, doing interviews and continuing to tour throughout the country.





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