Yan Wei


1999 – 2003 BFA, Tsinghua Academy of Art & Design
Artist Media:
Drawing, Animation, Paper Cut
Shows and exhibitions:
2009    Group Europilia-china, Infantization, Foto Museum, Antwerp?Group Post 80’s, The Space, Beijing
2008    Group The Death of Colour, Gallery 1949, Beijing?Group Infantization, Moca, Taipei?Group Whaleless, Strychnin Gallery, London?Group Growth, Record, Suoluo Gallery, Beijing?Group Salon, Red box Studio, Beijing
2007    Group Ha Mie Gu Ha, Suoluo Gallery, Beijing?Group Infantization, Shanghai Art Museum, Shanghai?Group The Muscle of Galaxy, NYARTS Gallery, Beijing
Public Collections:
Shanghai Art Museum
2009   Passenger, Feng Shang Zhi, IDN Ark Project, X Fun, Milk, Ray, Surface, Metrozine, Shopping & Shopper
2008   Pig, Itako, The Garden of Eye Candy
2006   Computer Arts
2004   Computer Graphics
The Best Visual Effect – The Third Animation Academy Awards
The Best Visual Style – The First Short Film Academy Awards

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+86 10 65513936