Lina, a singer from Siberia. Singing has been a lifelong passion of hers. Starting from stage performance at five years old to the current day, singing and performing is her life.

Lina moved to China six years ago after touring around Asia as a member of various indie-pop and funky jazz bands. Her voice, her look, and her elegant and energetic stage style earned her various gigs at hotels, fashion shows, and many other commercial events. Participating in more and more commercial performance, Lina gained so much stage experience and now can easily adapt to different environments, occasions, and genres of music based on the specific requirements.

At the same time, Lina is still chasing after her music dream. Keeping writing her own songs, playing acoustic guitar, Lina is putting her name on the lineup of more and more music festivals throughout China.

Video Links:

* MV “Make No Sense”

*MV “What You Want From Me”


+86 10 65513936