Steff Roubell has played an ac3ve role in the underground electronic music scene in Chengdu in the past years. Together with other enthusiasts he opened club TAG Chengdu in March 2014. TAG soon became one of Chengdu’s most famous house and techno music clubs, booking top na3onal and interna3onal ar3sts on a regular basis. Famous names that Roubell brought to TAG include Thomas Jackson (AR), Zombie Disco Squad (GB), Space Dimension Controller (GB), Mike Ravelli (NL), Yang Bing (CN), Howie Lee (CN), Tim Hoeben (NL), Ben Huang (CN), Mickey Zhang (CN), Kamara (NL) and many more.

Roubell also arranged several China tours for interna3onal ar3sts, co-­?opera3ng with clubs such as Lantern Beijing, Vervo Kunming or CC Park Chongqing. He co-­?organized many events separate from club TAG including the famous Wangfujing shopping mall rooftop parties, swimming pool parties, and small-scale festivals street parties. In the past year, Roubell has been involved in the expansion of the Chinese based Dusk Till Dawn label, the brainchild of electronic music veteran Yang Bing. The Dusk Till Dawn brand is currently one of China’s most respected underground music labels, with a fast-growing fan base in South West China.

Today, Roubell owns a small music bar & kitchen called BAR12, an ar3st / label collec3ve called Family Business, and is constantly busy organizing new events and booking acts. All of this led him to start playing the music he loves in front of people as a DJ. He now regularly performs at clubs and some3mes at his own events. Roubell likes to play a variety of music styles ranging from warm slow American disco to faster deep German soulful techno.


+86 10 65513936