DJ Skinny Brown is the mastermind behind Popasuda, a globalbass/Reggae/Dancehall soundsystem featuring exclusive music from producers across the world and the Caribbean. Much of the music played comes direct form the producers providing a rare selection of dancefloor music sourcing cultural sounds from around the world. Skinny Brown plays highly curated dance music. He traveled through India, South America, the Caribbean, and Asia establishing networks with producers and searching for new and exciting forms of dance music. Most recently, he has been sourcing tracks from Nigeria, Senegal, Ghana, Ivory Coast, Angola, Mozambique, and Zimbabwe, editing tracks for the dancefloor.

Featured in Vice Magazine (UK & China), Skinny Brown also comes with a heavy dub box, with tracks cut from the likes of Sizzla, Capleton, Max Romeo, Eeek a Mouse, bounty killer, and many other new and foundation reggae artists. Expecta reggae-dancehall set full or rare tunes, one-drops, roots and culture, and new dancehall, alongside massive foundation dubplates.


+86 10 65513936