Graduated from Kiev Conservatoire, Lesia is a professional musician with a melting singing voice and a slashing DJ style. With her electro-techno outfit, Lesia makes sounds which reflects the many ways she feels the world: from sweet and sensitive to lethal and punky.

As the singer of an electronic band, Lesia came up with the idea of adding electronic elements to their shows in 2010. And that’s the year she became a DJ herself. Out of people’s expectations, each of her DJ set is filled with tenderness and beauty that is perfectly well balanced with the best music and voice she has to offer to the crowd.

Now based in Chengdu, she knows how to pack a dancefloor with her charms and she has never failed to leave the floor asking for more each time she plays.

  * Live Show on Play.TV (session 25)


+86 10 65513936