Katie from Manchester, United Kingdom and comes from a background of thriving bass, grime, dubstep and garage music. She’s had a passion for bass music from as young as 12 and got her first Technics turntables at 16.

Moving to China in 2016 as a fashion model, a stylist, and a photographer, Katie was also the perfect chance for her to share her music knowledge and passion with this side of the world.

As a DJ taking in all strands of electronic music across numerous locales, from London grime, Berlintechno, Lisbon kuduro, Durban gqom, Japanese house and experimental Chinese club music. Katie loves to jump between genres in her sets.

Warmchainss is a conflation of soft melodies and relentless rhythms. She has been booked by many clubs in major cities around China and just had her first Japan tour in October 2018.


+86 10 65513936