Starting from a very young age, Gloria has always been interested in music. She comes from a family of mixed heritage of Hong Kong and New Zealand, with an extensive musical background. Learning many instruments at an early age such as guitar, piano and drums, Gloria became well acquainted with the ins and outs of music. This lead her to try her hand at DJing, where mixing came naturally to her.

Originally influenced by electronic dance music, Gloria began experimenting by mixing different genres together in her sets to create a musical journey complete with highs and lows, creating a stimulating and unique sound! Gloria’s musical style has progressed more to capturing the true and pure house sound. She plays a wide range of music to suit the crowds’ tastes, spinning anything from tech to progressive, to even deep and funky. Quoted as being “not only a skilled DJ, but an enthralling performer”, she brings people together and heightens the energy in the room. Gloria has been praised on numerous occasions by partygoers who can’t help but experience her passion and devotion to her profession through her sets.

These last few years have seen Gloria Ansell with DJ residencies at some of Southern China’s hottest clubs, from where she started at Evening Show in Shenzhen to Club LAX, then to her newest residency at Pepper Club where she is also part owner. Pepper Club is setting itself to be one of the best clubs in the whole country. She has definitely made a name for herself in the last few years as one of the most respected DJ’s in China, playing warm up sets for DJs such as Federico Scavo, Stefano Noferini, Boy George, Ministy of Sound’s Tim Cullen, Hed Kandi’s Lucy Stone, Anderson Noise, Howie B, Plastik Funk, and Alex Kenji to name a few.

This summer she’s released a tech house collaboration with producer / DJ Nick Fay titled “Take That”, along with a Tuesday residency at Bora Bora Ibiza for summer 2014.

Video of Gloria:

* Gloria Promo Video


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