13 years ago Edmund started the AAAportIS party series which brings the inspirational idea and fun to the party scene in different places. He has been chosen as the music director for large international events, such as Gucci, Prada and Nokia fashion shows in Hong Kong & Singapore. His taste for music is not only limited to house music genre but also he has the largest collection of breakbeats and chill beats in China. His management of electro, bouncy and funky sounds are unique and emotional.
Being an European and Chinese descent, he manages to keep his sounds fresh with his ever-changing and crafty style of djing. His house & nu-disco sounds is described as “unique and inspirational” (China Daily). He has performed at major international events in the Asia Pacific region. He was the DJ or music director at fashion shows for brands such as Gucci, Prada, Chanel, Cartier, Jimmy Choo, Louis Vuitton, M.A.C, Dunhill, Mercedes-Benz, Franck Muller, Nokia, Samsun, Porsche, Playboy, Anna Sui, BMW, Moet & Chandon, GQ Magazine. Edmund played at Channel [V]‘s Christmas Party at the Taipei World Trade Center and Spring Scream. He has appeared with international DJ’s such as Bob Sinclar, Dimitri, Riva Starr, Peter Kruder, Takkyu Ishino, H-Foundation, Derrik Carter, Pete Heller, Howie B, Paul Oakenfold, Ravin, Jay West, Joey Negro and Stephane Pompougnac, to name just a few.
Over the years Edmund has consistently kept it fresh by experimenting with new styles and developing his sound. He has experience, creativity, star appeal and he’s never been in more demand… Right now, in addition to playing at clubs and festivals and doing shows for international fashion clients, he is also producing his own music. A number of his songs are being sold through iTunes.

Videos of Eddie:
 * 单曲《爱宠爱》MV

* 单曲《爱筑梦》MV

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* 2016 Showreel

* XCute手机广告拍摄及音乐制作

* 梁咏琪“紧急的眼泪”MV


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