When barely out of her teen, Daria has carved a unique sound for herself, and it’s a sound that’s already won her a host of local admirers. DJ Daiquiri was originally from Russia and has fluency in English, Chinese, and Russian. Her music often wanders through electro, techno, deep, lounge, and funk house. DJ Daiquiri holds a residency in the prestigious V+ Lounge from 2013 January till 2015 and has been a residency in Club Mix since then. She has also been invited to popular events such as Harbin Beer Festival, Olympic Village, Kablerecords China Tour, Samsung company event and so on. It was an absolute blast when she was spinning at Halloween Party at Castle in front of more than 5000 people. Her own event “Jungle Fever” is one of the most popular events in Workers’ Stadium nightlife scene.
Winning the second place in Ortofon DJ battle in 2016 August could precisely prove DJ Daiquiri’s skillful technique.
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Recent Videos:
 * Jungle Fever 2016

* Jungle Fever 2017


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