Conrank is a renowned bass music producer, currently based in Shanghai. Having played at clubs and festivals around the world including the popular UK festival “Secret Garden Party” he knows how to rock a crowd.
In a past life Conrank was one of Europe’s top beat-boxers and hosted his own show on MTV show. Expect a weighty mashup of Hip-Hop, DnB , Dubstep and Jungle – looped up with his own beats , basslines and tracks to create something energetic and eclectic – a show which is quickly gaining a reputation with clubbers across Europe and Asia alike, recently being awarded “Best international DJ 2010? by the people of Taiwan.
As a producer Conrank has worked with some heavyweight artists including producing an album for infamous beatboxers Killa Kela & Eklipse, as well as having releases on leading independant labels including Top Billin, Bass = Win, Suicide Dub, Rankadank and is now signed to berlin label Robox Neotech. His latest release combining influences from DnB, Hip-Hop, Trap and Dubstep entitled “The Ankle Grinder” reached no.19 in the Charts, was featured on and is getting support from DJ’s including N-Type, G.Jones, Doshy, Dev 79, CRST and Starkey to name but a few. Conrank is currently working with NYC trumpeter Theo Croker (Sony Records) on a new project entitled “Buck Em Clowns” and on a new album and live show for chinese pop star Sa DingDing (Universal Music) which is set to be a groundbreaking release for the music scene.
Without a doubt, Conrank has been tearing all over in China with sellout shows in Beijing, Shanghai, Chengdu and Wuhan to name a few. With more and more studio hours racking up and more releases on the way, 2014 is set to be Conranks biggest year yet.
Conrank has produced for many major brands including Infiniti and BMW, and also performed at many brand events such as smart, Audi, Mercedez, Oakley and Vans.
Videos of Conrank:

* Conrank @ Midi Festival

* Conrank @ LANTERN Club

* ???Wanting “Drentched” Remix

* Conrank Release Party


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