Born and raised in Australia, Timothy Ma is better known throughout the world as DJ Chozie. After establishing a reputation in Australia for building the Asian dance scene, DJ Chozie was invited into the mainstream and started playing slamming sets at Home nightclub (one of the world’s hottest clubs). He then went on to organize one of Sydney’s biggest cultural club events, “Yum Cha-cha”. The cable network Channel V soon signed him to co-host a bi-weekly live show called “The Joint” where he became a household name.
In 1998, he took Yum Cha-cha on an Asian tour, which ultimately led the Chinese/Australian DJ to Beijing where he accepted an offer to stay on as resident DJ at Beijing’s first underground club and celebrity hangout, Vogue 88. However, it was his move to Taiwan that truly catapulted him into the limelight, turning him into an award winning DJ, voted “Asia’s Most Popular DJ” by Channel V.
In 2003, Chozie had the best-selling DJ album in Taiwan; the same summer, he came back to Beijing and became a partner at Suzie Wong club. He single handily created massive marketing campaigns for the club. For the next seven years, Chozie devoted his DJ talents and promotion expertise to brand Suzie Wong into the profitable, world renowned entertainment nightclub that it is today.
In 2006, Chozie became the appointed representative / CEO of Oracle Projects International in China and produced extravagant events for Coca-cola, Haier, Visa, and many other well-known brands. In 2007, Chozie created China’s first ever dance label called PPC (Party People Committee). Through this company, he released China’s first ever solo dance album and music videos. This accomplishment paved the way for many other electronic musicians to distribute their music to greater audiences with commercial outlet in China. Chozie also hosted a traveling TV show called “Beijing Hustle”. The show was sold to and broadcasted in 148 countries prior to the 2008 Beijing Olympics in hope to promote tourism in China, making Chozie the Chinese Australian face of the nightlife entertainment in Beijing. During the Olympics game, Chozie had a jam-pack schedule as he was the music director and DJ for Speedo Gold Metal Party while running the Suzie Wong club.
By spring 2009, Chozie decided to answer to his new callings in life. As a result of Chozie wanting to return to his true passion of producing magical one-of-a-kind events, his event promotion company: Bang Entertainment Producers was born. Grateful for the support of his elite group of friends, Chozie has become one of Asia Pacific’s most well-known DJ, club promoter and event producer. Chozie aims to achieve even more success in event production, through his creativity and continued dedication to improvement.
Recent Work:
– Shanghai World EXPO (2010)
– Tag Heuer Launch Party
– 150 Year Anniversary at the Shanghai World EXPO-Monaco Pavilion (2010)
– Starred in the Blackout Feature Movie as Himself, this move is packed with Chinese Super stars like Zhang Jing Chu and Yu Wen Le(2010)
– DJ for the World’s Fashion Icon Anna Wintour’s private dinner in Beijing China (2010)
– DJ for Badgley Mischka Fashion Show opening segment (2010)
– Oakley Air&Style (Shaun White)Big Air (2010)
– Christmas eve Bash in NYC Club Amnasia(2010)
– Monthly DJ “Chozie Night” in NYC (2011)
– Masion de Camus Grand Opening Party(2011)
– Royal Bay Villa Development Opening party in DaLian(2011)

Videos of Chozie:

* ?MV?One Night in Beijing-Chozie ft. Peyton

* ?MV??????????????”Boogie Sugar”

* Chozie – Interview by JEFFREY


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