Asian Eyez

Asian Eyez aka Lhaga Koondhor is a commuter between the worlds. She comes from Tibet, grew up in Switzerland and designs in China as a “border-smashing strategies” creative consultant. It oscillates between music, fashion and art. She wants to break down barriers, and anyone involved in the Swiss club scene beyond mainstream techno events will undoubtedly have come across her name before.

She says, “I like music that challenges me. Music that may not be understood at the first moment ». Noise can venture a dance with Techno and Ambient with Footwork.

The wanderlust is created in it. She came to Switzerland with her mother as a child. And felt a stir from an early age. “It was not always easy to grow up in a country where all the role models looked different than me. That has shaped me. And above all, strengthened in my quest to overcome cultural boundaries”.

In 2010, she started organizing avant-garde club nights at Longstreet Bar. She had a nose for trends. She brought a trans musician like Mykki Blanco to Zurich when it was barely known. So it went on with their House of Mixed Emotions nights: an imaginative and varied curated program on the edges of the club scene. Also as the boss lady of Zurich’s Longstreet Bar, she made it into the city’s most popular nightlife spot. Her feminist collective, which she heads, goes under the name of WIFEY. Playing with social media like Tumblr, Instagram or Facebook. They not only challenge the customary image of Zurich’s female music & art scene, but also continually change their appearance.

Until sometime life around Langstrasse became too small for her. She had to abandon her comfort zone. Its home is Shanghai today – a metropolis where trends are developing rapidly. It happens so much that her life is different every day, unpredictable.

In Shanghai, Lhaga is involved in an avant-garde scene booming. “It’s happening so much right now. You can literally feel how much is beginning here. There are so many talented artists at the start who express themselves with incredible imagination”. This is a generation that takes a completely different path than their parents, but draws from their sources. Yes, Lhaga Koondhor is in the right place. And nice for us, that she makes the is also making the scene a little bit bigger.



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