Adam Place is the inventor of the AlfaSphere and so much more.
The idea for the AlfaSphere was hatched when Adam was 20 years old. Countless iterations, multiple awards and several years later, it is used by musicians worldwide and he was the first!

Adam is a cutting-edge music producer & DJ, who has created his own electronic musical instrument: the AlfaSphere. This new, expressive, MIDI-based instrument has captured the imaginations of millions of people, been the star of a viral video and is now played by some of the world’s best musicians and DJs.

Adams unique playing style has entertained audiences worldwide -from heady crowds at established UK festivals such as Boomtown Fair, Glade and Secret Garden Party through to droves of fans at Music China in Shanghai and even a major corporation’s event in Amsterdam with the King of Holland in attendance. Adam has created an innovative new way of playing music that can appeal to fans of any genre.

Hailing from Bristol, UK, Adam is no stranger to the underground musical influences that have shaped modern electronic music. Catering for any style of music, the AlfaSphere can be used as an instrument and a DJ controller. Adam has mastered the art of performing music live as well as mixing between live performance and pre-recorded tracks.

The on-stage presence of Adam and the AlfaSphere never fails to draw in and inspire crowds. With more and more musicians and DJs looking to explorenewmethodsof performance, Adam and the AlfaSphere is the next generation of the modern day musician, leading the way in live performance with revolutionary music technology.

Notable gigs:
• Architectural Association Party -London
• Boom Town Fair – Bristol
• Glade Festival – Wiltshire
• Music China – Shanghai
• Music Lab – Sofia
• New Interfaces for Music Expression – Daejeon

Video of Adam with AlfaSphere:


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