IRWIN QUEMENER, Visualist – Creative Coder – Interaction Designer.

Born in the suburbs of Paris in 1984, Irwin Quemener is from this generation which has grown up with computers, internet and affordable cameras. Since his childhood, Quemener has always been very interested in technology and visuals to develop my creativity.  Music is a very important source of inspiration to Quemener, from early jazz pioneers to today’s electronic producers. It is very naturally that Quemener first started making video clips and visual effects in relation with music.

In summer 2002, Quemener worked on a construction site and bought a mini DV camera. Soon after, Quemener began filming skateboard teams and graffiti crews from the suburbs of Paris. Back home, Quemener was editing footage and making videos to share with his friends. This is how Quemener started learning how to film and edit video, releasing materials under the names “lecloneur” and “cloneproduction”.

In 2009, Quemener graduated from Paris Val de Seine Achitecture school. During his studies, he learnt how to think in 3D space, analyse the environment he live in, look at the things surrounding him, find and develop concepts to design projects. At the same time, working in companies taught him how to work with professional methods, be well organised and collaborate with project managers, partners and clients.

Learning computer code and real-time graphics helps Quemener to investigate deeper in the relation between music and images. Working as a VJ, where visuals are made for the moment, impacts his creative process : “it challenges my ideas and my skills in a different way. People I collaborate with also influence me a lot to improve my style, they open my mind to new approaches and techniques to create something more personal.”

Quemener started making his own synthesizer because he was not able to find a ready-made program to create audio-reactive visuals and a specific kind real-time live graphic composition. By designing a VJ software, which is now his instrument for live performances, Quemener extended his knowledge to interactive installations, tangible interfaces and touch-screen applications.
* ABSOLUT BLANK Interactive Installation

* PAINTED DREAM Interactive Installation

* VJ at KAZANTIP Festival


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