“ARP”, Art Rebels Party, is the multicultural artists base for creative collaboration where artists can express their passions and collaborate on unique projects with leading brands.

Rebels in music, visual art, photography, film, dance, fashion and other creative fields can hold parties, exhibitions, workshops, screenings – anything related to music and art.

Originating from Acupuncture Records, the host of over 200 parties and initiator of China’s first electronic music festival INTRO, ARP has already formed close ties with many of the leading Chinese and international artists and creatives, as well as a wide range of successful collaborations with major brand partners.

ARP has created a community where you can participate in projects with leading artists and brands, gain recognition and increase your global reach.

From a brand perspective, ARP is the perfect platform to find the most suitable and most established artists for a creative market campaign or brand event, to grow awareness and become a leading part of the community, engage in a dialogue with their audience in a targeted, relevant and credible context.

From an artist’s perspective, there is finally a place for them to voice their ideas, grow their audience, work with brands that inspire or support them and to turn their project into a reality.

ARP enables established artists and brands to organize campaigns or events that grow awareness and help them become a part of the community around popular culture and shared interests. This means every campaign cycle achieves its maximum potential reach and measurable value for artist and brand.

Brands – to host their own campaign to engage with their audiences around original content.

Brands – to organize an event with highlights of the involvement of creative artists.

Brands – to sponsor an artist-hosted campaign and immerse their brand into popular culture.

Agencies – to create value by setting up campaigns on behalf of their clients.

Agencies – to provide creative artists for their clients’ projects.

Artists – to promote their works and enlarge their fan base.

Artists – to find financial and media support for their creative art projects.

A new way to increase your brand’s visibility: ARP provides the link between social web influencers, content creators and brands to deliver peer-to-peer engagement through collaboration and community participation.

“65% of social media influencers are creatives.”

– Socialnomics, Nov. 2011

“Audiences everywhere are tough. They don’t have time to be bored or brow beaten by orthodox, old-fashioned advertising. We need to stop interrupting what people are interested in and be what people are interested in.”

– Craig Davis, Chief Creative Officer, JWT (world’s 4th largest ad agency)

In the past six years, we have collaborated with many agencies, brands, and institutions, please click HERE to check our past cases.